Refund Policy


The CUSTOMER may withdraw from the purchase, within 7 days of receiving the e-mail, the license, provided that the registered LOGIN and PASSWORD are not used. That is, once the CUSTOMER uses the account, through his LOGIN and PASSWORD, the license cannot be reused and the CUSTOMER cannot withdraw from the purchase.

Once the CUSTOMER uses his account, through the LOGIN and PASSWORD, the license can no longer be used by the SELLER, under any circumstances, which is why, if he uses the account, the CUSTOMER will no longer have the right to cancel and refund the amount. , minus postage costs etc.

If the CLIENT exercises the foreseen right of repentance, not having used the account through its LOGIN and PASSWORD, the amounts eventually paid, in any capacity, during the reflection period, will be returned, within 10 working days from the period of cancellation request.

If the cancellation is carried out while the order is still PAID, or if no type of digital product has been sent to the CUSTOMER, the reversal will be carried out according to the payment method used.

Products in the 25-digit code and 12-digit code format, if sent to the customer, can no longer be reversed. Therefore, if you want to withdraw from the purchase, do so before the product is shipped.

After sending these product formats, the CUSTOMER accepts that there will no longer be any possibility of canceling or reversing the purchase.

When purchasing a shared Xbox One digital game, the CUSTOMER is responsible for not accessing it for more than 730 days (2 years). If he does so, the LICENSE may be inactivated by Microsoft. In this case, no reversal or financial compensation will be made to the CUSTOMER by the SELLER (Games Safari).