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Cyberpunk 2077 Digital Media Xbox

Cyberpunk 2077 Digital Media Xbox

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world action role-playing game set in a dystopian future in the city of Night City, where technology and crime merge into a dangerous and volatile lifestyle. With the option to create your own custom character, you'll take on the role of V, an outlaw mercenary looking for that last big job that could turn him into a legendary Night City criminal.

With varied gameplay that includes shooting, hacking and melee combat, you'll need to use all your skills to survive in a world full of choices and consequences. Explore the city in futuristic vehicles, interact with memorable characters and complete epic quests in an exciting main plot.

With amazing graphics and a breathtaking soundtrack, Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that not only offers an immersive gaming experience, but also dives into deep and relevant themes such as the ethics of technology and the fight against corporate power.

Although the initial release was troubled, with many bugs and performance issues on various platforms, CD Projekt RED, the game's developers, has been working hard to fix these issues and make the game experience even more enjoyable for all players. The Xbox One version is approximately 70 GB in size, guaranteeing hours and hours of exciting gameplay.

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