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GTA 5 Premium Edition Xbox One

GTA 5 Premium Edition Xbox One

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Step into the shoes of three completely different characters - Michael, Franklin and Trevor - as you immerse yourself in a thrilling, action-packed story set in Los Santos with the Premium Edition of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One. With improved graphics and a smoother frame rate, the gaming experience is even more immersive.

In addition to the main campaign, the game also features a massive, interactive open world filled with exciting activities, side quests, and secret locations to explore. With the premium edition, you'll also gain access to a huge arsenal of exclusive weapons, vehicles, and equipment.

Challenge other players online in multiplayer mode, forming gangs or competing in exciting races. Customize your character and cars with a variety of customization options, including mechanical and visual modifications.

With GTA Online, the game will continue to evolve and deliver regular content updates, keeping it always fresh and exciting. With an incredible soundtrack and the undeniable feeling that you are free to do whatever you want, GTA V is a modern classic that you cannot miss. All this in a size of approximately 87.8 GB for your Xbox One.

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