Overcoming Shame In Addiction Recovery

People who battle with addiction or have family members who struggle have witnessed how much it hurts. It hurts the person who struggles, but it also hurts the people around them. It can break up families, ruin relationships, break down self-confidence, and cause problems in all areas of life. After a relapse, one can experience a ton of emotions. In the aftermath of a relapse, some experience guilt and shame. But, you don’t have to let shame and guilt take over. Some are able to overcome or remove feelings of guilt and shame.

If you’re in a relationship where you always put the other person’s needs before your own, you might be in an enmeshed relationship. The first is functional, derived from Darwinian theory. Functionalists see shame as adaptive to relationships and culture. It helps you to be acceptable and fit in and behave morally in society.

Recovering From Shame

The same rule applies to anything discussed in a group therapy session. Shame, on the other hand, causes a person to feel inadequate or worthless. There doesn’t have to be any precipitating action to cause someone to feel ashamed of who and what they are.

Understanding Therapy For Addiction Recovery – Addiction Center

Understanding Therapy For Addiction Recovery.

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When you can share experiences you’ve had with others who had similar experiences, you will first understand you don’t have to be defined or judged based on that information. Learning to overcome shame is a part of the recovery journey, as it is part of the steps that reveal your self-perception. Shame is harmful to your continued commitment to recovery. Going through recovery is not shameful, it’s not something to blame yourself for, and it’s not something to be guilty about. You are now on a path with a positive direction that can transform your life into a meaningful existence. The negative components of shame, guilt, and blame do not have a place in the process.

How Can A Sober Community Help Me Quit Drinking?

They are in the past and you cannot change them, but you can make every effort to make amends. Apologize to those you have hurt through your addiction. Focus on what you can do, work at it, and then move on. Today’s choices are what matter most, the past is the past and should be left there. Up until this point, this article has been bad mouthing both guilt and shame. Both words have been portrayed as negative and harmful. According to some therapists, guilt is a recovering addict’s greatest weapon.

When you’re starting a drug and alcohol treatment program, you’re taking on a major life change. If you need to go into detoxification , your body goes through the process of ridding itself of the influence of chemicals.

  • While you should take stock of the errors made and make amends to those you might have hurt, it’s important not to get stuck in the past and then allow those memories to shape your present.
  • •People with substance dependency often report feelings of guilt and shame.
  • Once you identify why you are experiencing shame and what is making these feelings worse, you can address these factors and find ways to reduce the power they hold over you.
  • The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Notice that each of the previous statements starts with the words I am. This reinforces our definition of shame as a state of being that goes far beyond anything we do or fail to do. It is good also to understand the origins of our shame. Are you trying to stay close to someone who shames you by allowing them to continue shaming you? These are examples of questions we must ask ourselves in order to understand where are shame comes from.

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Shame is a necessary human emotion that helps us develop a moral compass, but it can become destructive in our lives. It can lead us to believe that we have to be perfect or else we are not lovable. It can lead us to be overly responsible and to excessively seek approval. It is often the experience that underlies addiction, infidelity, perfectionism, eating disorders, excessive dependency in relationships, and so many other problematic behaviors.

If you could start to unravel it, however, you would find that these feelings aren’t identical at all. Within this muddled battlefield of emotions and deficiencies, addiction is created. Read this article to learn how guilt and shame can potentially create, feed and destroy addiction. Also, this article will teach the reader how to differentiate between guilt and shame.

Learned Objectiveness To Overcome Shame

Such a perspective would convince a user that their addiction is their fault. Untreated, people deal with shame in a number of different unhealthy ways. For example, if someone was abused as a child, they may transfer such abuse by bullying others. Such a recourse may be a temporary solution, but basically, it is just accruing more pain. Eventually, the bully will acknowledge how much pain they have caused, and the attempted recourse just results in more shame. This is not a confrontational process; it is an honest process. It can, however, feel very uncomfortable if family members have developed the habit of shielding their loved ones from reality.

how to overcome shame and guilt in recovery

One great way to deal with shame and addiction recovery long-term is to speak daily positive affirmations about yourself. By reminding yourself of your positive traits and true self-worth on a daily basis, it will make it easier for you to deal with shame when it arises. Thus, when a person commits a mistake, failure, or wrongdoing, he or she may initially feel guilt. When that person allows those feelings of guilt to persist too long though, it can turn into shame.

We simply ask the families to be honest with their loved one about how their behavior is affecting them and what the experience has been like. Family members don’t need to say anything other than the truth. Families play an essential effects of alcohol part in the healing process. The patient is the family, and the family is the patient. Here we come to the core difference between guilt and shame. This therapy gives clients the tools to cope with life’s problems.

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This has been attributed to Lao Tzu many times online, although the true origins are actually unknown. This concept has much merit and encourages us to focus on the present to be at peace with ourselves and to keep depression and anxiety at bay.

how to overcome shame and guilt in recovery

Our on-site rehab programs focus on a comprehensive recovery approach. They address your physical, mental and spiritual needs for optimal wellness. It may impel you to right a wrong, take ownership of past mistakes or make amends with a loved one. When you feel guilty, it’s related to a behavior you engaged in. For example, if you committed a crime or lied about something important, you might feel guilt based on those actions. When you’re guilty, you likely realize what you did was wrong. Overcoming shame in recovery begins with understanding the difference between guilt and shame.

How Is Shame Different From Guilt?

Simply put, guilt typically deals with harming ourselves, while shame implies harming someone else. Shame is a different level than guilt, a deeper emotion that may be harder to overcome. Shame takes that a step further and tells the person they are bad, or not valuable, because of their bad actions. In fact, feeling guilt is often good for people that suffer from addiction.

how to overcome shame and guilt in recovery

This is a moving away from the fight, flight, or freeze responses to our environment or our thoughts and responding in ways that support us and help us grow and relate with others. Support GroupsFind a meeting with a peer recovery support group. Only an error-free performance can ever satisfy the demands imposed by shame-based thinking.

Generally parents who are highly critical, verbally or emotionally abusive, and/or neglectful will raise children who feel they are not OK in some fundamental way. Because shame is so painful, it’s common for people to hide their shame from themselves by feeling sad, superior, or angry at a perceived insult instead. Other times, it comes out as boasting, envy, or judgment of others.

how to overcome shame and guilt in recovery

They realize they are guilty and may feel bad as a result. Still, they continue the bad behavior while addicted, or before beginning recovery. Sana Lake Recovery Center is a Joint Commission Accredited addiction treatment program. We offer a safe and trustworthy facility for people struggling how to overcome shame and guilt in recovery with substance abuse. This seal indicates our commitment to continually elevating our standards and providing asuperior treatment for substance abuse. One way to manage guilt and shame in addiction recovery long-term is to make sure that you never let your guilty moments last too long.

Forgiving ourselves or others and releasing that choking experience of guilt is crucial to overcoming a relapse or pushing through on your journey of recovery. It’s important to forgive others too, as when you do so, you let go and accept. It may not make things right or just, but it means you are willing to let mistakes that happen, happen and you don’t want to feel responsible for the things you can’t control. Shame and guilt are parts of addiction and recovery that are quite common but can be repaired with time and work. If one dwells in these feelings though, the creation of self-doubt can lead to furthering relapse or causing it to reoccur.

A few therapy-informed techniques can help you stay on course. When it comes to recovery, there’s no one single finish line—there are hundreds of them. But by addressing guilt and working through it, you’re crossing a meaningful point that will greatly improve your quality of life as a sober person. You can make amends directly to the people you’ve hurt, or by volunteering your time towards organizations that you care about, or organizations that have helped you while in recovery.

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